Underground Pipe Repair

The professionals at CTS aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Here’s proof. These images show one of our certified HVAC technicians doing some signature cross-trade work. No, he didn’t pick the short stick. He was just the only one who could fit in the hole.


CTS is quick to respond to any needs or concerns you may have. There is good communication throughout.

Dr. Patricia Kusnerus

Team Vision

I’ve always been pleased with their work. When nobody else could come in, they were not only here, they were effective.

Dr. Courtney Ruthven

Commerce Plaza Building

When the zoo has a heater fail in the dead of winter, there is always the possiblity of loss of life. Day, night, weekend or holiday, I can always count on being taken care of by CTS.

Scoss Childs

Sedgwick County Zoo